Securebase aims to be such a place for its clients.

From the cradle to the grave, humans experience meaning and learn resilience when we have access to outside help – a secure base – to organize our thoughts and feelings, especially in the face of change, challenge, and opportunity. Infants have primary caregivers, students have friends and teachers, and adults have partners and mentors.

At Securebase, decades of startup and leadership experience, a profound understanding of life and human nature from helping people, and years of studies in literature, theology, and psychology are integrated and brought to bear through the discipline of certified executive coaching. We are a resource that is wholly unique in its approach and value.

About Peter

Dr. Peter Sung is an ICF-certified (International Coaching Federation) PCC-level (Professional Certified Coach) executive coach, has a doctorate in performance and organizational psychology, teaches family systems theory, and is an ordained minister with a master’s in divinity. He has worked for almost three decades in the start-up church and organizational leadership world. His highest and best offerings are coaching, conversation-based personal and organizational assessments, and public speaking. His deep drives are learning, connecting, being active, and eating good food. He feels grateful to live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with his wife, four daughters, and their goofy doodle, Hobbes.

"I felt stuck in my leadership, and unsure of myself..."
"We needed a neutral third party who could help us get to the bottom of a major issue...

"This was going to be my first time leading at a senior level and I felt at a loss..."

"The board reached out to Peter during a desperate time"

Client Stories

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