Here's what our clients say

"I felt stuck in my leadership, unsure of myself, and what proper next steps would be helpful. With Peter, I experienced a masterful blend of non-judgmental inquiry and clear challenges that helped us get unstuck." - NS

"This was going to be my first time leading at a senior level and I felt at a loss for how to step into it all. He helped shape my vision as a leader and wisely guided me through the transition process. To say that he changed my life is an understatement!". - HY

"We needed a neutral third party who could help us get to the bottom of a major issue. Peter helped us resolve the issue and create a plan for moving forward. He has the unique ability to tie in relevant principles from other disciplines to add enhanced clarity and insight for our specific issues. It was amazing to see how this gifted professional had all of us working together even in matters that were personal." - PC

"The board reached out to Peter during a desperate time when we were struggling to stay solvent. He worked with the board and teams to help us envision, realign our values, and find our purpose again. Our culture changed, we became healthier, developed new operational processes, and hired a new CEO. The board continues to retain Peter as a coach to our CEO. I can’t recommend him enough." - MK